MJZ Couture

MJZ presents a luxurious line of avant-garde, one-of-a-kind crocodilian couture outerwear tailored for the most refined fashion connoisseurs. These objets d’art are “crocodile fused with fashion,” inspired by an haute-couture sensibility.

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Bold, unexpected & unabashedly brash.

MJZ presents a capsule collection of nine womenswear looks by Irina Shabayeva. The grace and ferocity of alligator and crocodile leather is thoughtfully infused into feminine silhouettes, exemplifying the empowered character of MJZ’s most discerning clientele. In this collection, the unyielding strength of the apex predator meets smooth glamor and femininity. An MJZ garment — personalized for men or women — is an expression of love for extravagant materials, limitless craftsmanship, and a new iconic wearable identity.


Inspired By

“In a world of fast fashion, I love being able to collaborate in creating modern ultra-luxury authentic works of art. A woman who is sporting a head-to-toe crocodile look wants to be seen; she wants to stand out. Our latest collection translates these incredibly luxurious materials into a woman’s modern life.”

— MJZ Women's Artistic Director Irina Shabayeva

The Collection

The Fall 2020 collection is the first collaboration between MJZ founder Michael Chang and artistic director Irina Shabayeva. It is exemplified by a shared reverence for couture craftsmanship, rare exotics, and the challenge of working with exclusive materials to create a refined, yet modern collection. The new collection reflects MJZ’s cutting-edge crocodile presence with a feminine aesthetic, employing softer lines and vivid colors.

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